Writerly news

TGCLshowbroadcast20131021It’s been a busy week:

  • A talk/book-signing last evening at our Pauline Book & Media Center in Dedham!  Yes, Sr. Mary Lea and I competed with the Red Sox, and a faithful 8 people came.  During November, which is kind of “saints month,” Pauline Books & Media will be promoting Saints Alive all over the internet. I’ve even put up an author page on facebook to help promote the Saints Alive books, in addition to my new author webpage which is coming along
  • This weekend, Salt and Light Radio Hour is airing my interview about my new books, Saints Alive! The Gospel Witnessed and Saints Alive! The Faith Proclaimed. Here’s the full episode write-up:

This week on the SLHour: How can we be saints in life? This week, Deacon Pedro speaks with Sr. Marie Paul Curley about her new books, Saints Alive! They talk about the faith proclaimed and the gospel witnessed. Gillian Kantor tells us what she learned from her kids this week and we meet the Jacob and Matthew Band.

The program will air on The Catholic Channel (Sirius XM 129) on Saturday, October 26 at 3 and 10pm ET (7pm PT) and on Sunday, October 27 at 2pm ET (11am PT). It will also air on the Spirit Catholic Radio Network (Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa: Spirit 102.7FM; Spirit 88.3FM, Spirit 91.5FM and Spirit 90.1FM) on Saturday, October 26 at 10am and 9pm CT.
This edition of the SLHour will also be available for online streaming or download on Saturday, October 26 at  noon  ET  at http://saltandlighttv.org/radio/?p=4041


  • And, for the first time, I’ve helped put together the “My Discover Hope News Notes,” which is PBM’s weekly e-newsletter that you can sign up for on our site, www.pauline.org.

I couldn’t have imagined myself doing all of this in one week twenty years ago…maybe not even ten years ago! How does a religious sister–even one who works in the media–end up with a week like this? Partly, it’s the reality of being an author who is aware of the need to promote the Gospel through promoting her books, partly it’s being in the right place at the right time (or the wrong place at the wrong time, as my shy self shrieked in protest this week!), and partly it’s my new assignment to work in PBM Digital Media. As much as I have enjoyed this week, I have to confess that my writerly soul is eagerly looking forward to some quiet writing time in the next few days.

Finally, I wanted to share an update on my still-to-come book on the Eucharist: I finished the last major revision last week. Turns out I didn’t have to revise as much as I thought I would have to–only two chapters really needed big overhauls.  Now, I just have to go back to do the nits-and-grits edit–checking for things like too many gerunds, useless words, and long sentences. (I am a true daughter of Saint Paul in my sentence-length!) A huge thank you to those of you who gave me feedback and suggestions and encouragement–they were invaluable in this revision.

After that, I can turn the manuscript in to my editor and perhaps start thinking about Nanowrimo for my free time in November!


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