Living in a Spirit of Wonder

Despite good intentions, it has become ridiculously challenging for me to find time to post here. For a few months, I’ve been praying about what to do–I’ve even prayed about letting the blog go entirely! Only now can I see a bit of light of how the Lord might be inviting me to continue blogging here. I enjoy writing the blogposts, and even more I really appreciate how this blog helps me to stay connected with what makes me a better writer.

IMG_20131222_151102988Today on the Feast of the Epiphany, we were blessed to have a good friend of our community, Bishop Richard Lennon, celebrate Mass with us. He gave a wonderful homily which I won’t repeat here (too bad I didn’t record it!), but which highlighted the importance of letting the mystery of Christmas touch our hearts and fill us with wonder. It’s a message I always need to hear, because so often I let myself get too busy about too many things. But in this time of transition, it has special resonance: I think I’m so focused on the basics that I have missed a bit of the spirit of wonder in both my spiritual and writing life. So as 2014 starts, I’d like to focus a bit on living in a spirit of wonder. How can I make 2014 a Year of Wonder? All of the things I thought of imply my daily prayer commitment and a deepening of faith on a personal level, but I thought I’d share here the results of my brainstorming (not in order of importance):

  • Start every day thanking God for the gift of this day
  • Catch the sunrise a couple times a week
  • Shift my perspective on the challenges I’m facing: instead of seeing them as occasions for suffering, try to discover what I can learn from them
  • Renew (or return) the focus of my life on my relationship with God as often as I need to, so that I can keep it there
  • Take time to write my blog (and other projects) that help me to reflect more deeply on what I’m living right now
  • Ask Mary, the Queen of Apostles (Queen of communicators), to live her spirit of “treasuring” her experiences and “pondering them in her heart” (cf. Luke 2:19)

How do you cultivate the spirit of awe and wonder? I’d enjoy hearing your suggestions in the comments below!


One thought on “Living in a Spirit of Wonder

  1. Sr. Marie Paul,
    I have thought of three ways that help me cultivate a spirit of wonder and awe:
    1. People – the people I meet every day and those I get to know better day after day awe and amaze me. I can see God in them and the wonder of the lives He created for them. Each person reminds me of the awesome gift of life God gives each of us, including me!
    2. Sacrifice – this short life we live on Earth is our short chance to use the gifts God has given us to help others. I have only a few years to support my family and help strengthen their relationship to the Blessed Trinity and help improve the health of my patients. I always imagine the next life, where I’ll wish I could have sacrificed more since my sacrifices will no longer be needed. Even though your blogging adds tremendously to the incredible amount of work you already undertake on a daily basis, you are sacrificing your time and talents to be St. Paul to many. Your words, Sister Paul, written and spoken, always bring me closer to Jesus Master, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. There is no better sacrifice. Thank you!
    3. Relationships – the Pauline Family is all about relationships – like St. Paul caring for all those he wrote for and spoke to, he strengthened his relationship with others for the sole purpose of sharing his intimate knowledge of the Divine Master with everyone he could. In all relationships, I try to make an effort to imitate St. Paul. I like to imagine Blessed Father Alberione smiling on the friendship as a way of bringing the Gospel to all I can. Nothing cultivates the spirit of awe and wonder better for me!


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