Prayer for Writing

WritingPostcardOne of the sisters shared with me an early version of the prayer, “Before Writing,” which our Founder wrote for our Pauline prayer book. I always start every writing session with a prayer, and this beautiful prayer is my new favorite. I thought I’d share it with you:

Before Writing

by Blessed James Alberione

O Jesus, Divine Master, I offer you my pen [keyboard] and this work of my apostolate* with the intentions with which you preached your Gospel. May all be only and always for the glory of God and peace to men[all]. That everyone may know you, O Jesus Truth! That everyone may docilely [wholeheartedly] follow you, O Jesus Way! That all hearts may love you, O Jesus Life!

Give me a clear intelligence, grace in writing, an upright heart. May my pen repeat your Word; may St. Paul the writer guide me; may every edition be modelled on the Divine Book. 

O Mary, Mother, Teacher and Queen, who has given to the world the Divine Word Incarnate, look down lovingly upon me and bless this little apostolate which I shall carry out with you and for you.

*The term “apostolate” means “mission.”

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