Living “in the Trinity”

MotherTheclaQuote_01Today starts our centenary celebration for the hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the Daughters of Saint Paul on June 15, 2015! How appropriate that a congregation whose spirituality is founded on the ultimate communication–communion–found in the Most Holy Trinity should begin its celebration on the feast of the Most Blessed Trinity. I posted a short post on how the Holy Trinity is the foundation for our communications spirituality here.

The event from which we date the beginning of the Daughters of Saint Paul is the meeting of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, with our co-Foundress, Venerable Mother Thecla Merlo. I haven’t written very much about Mother Thecla because I haven’t had access to her writings in the same way as those of our Founder. But this year, as we have reflected more on her life and have read some new translations of her personal writings, I was amazed to discover how much Mother Thecla prays to the Blessed Trinity.

Here are a few of her beautiful, personal reflections. (For more, visit our new webpages dedicated to her.):

“It is Jesus who lives in me, with the Father and the Holy Spirit. To remain united to the Divine Master.”
“Holiness–I want it! To live the Trinitarian life like Mary most holy. To trust the heavenly Father; to love his Son, who came to save me; to rely on the grace of the Holy Spirit. The heavenly Father is always close to me, within me, thinking about me and providing for everything. Jesus is with me; the Holy Spirit sanctifies me. To live in union with the three divine Persons.”
“To think often that the most Holy Trinity is within me. Adoration, union, recollection…and…to keep such distinguished guests company.”
“The Trinity is my family.”

So often for the feast of the Most Holy Trinity, I focus on the theological mystery. Instead, Mother Thecla goes right through the mystery and focuses on what’s most important–her relationship with the Trinity! Absolute confidence in the Father, living in the love of Jesus Master, counting on the gift of love of the Holy Spirit to open her further to the action of the Holy Trinity in her life: this is how she describes her relationship with God. What a model for us as communicators today!


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