Join us in three days of Pauline prayer

To celebrate the very special feast of Saint Paul (June 29th is the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, and June 30th is the Feast of Saint Paul for the entire Pauline Family), our sisters have put together a three-day triduum of prayer to Saint Paul. You can use it as a prayer of thanksgiving for the gift of Saint Paul to the Church  or another special grace you have received, or you can also use it to pray for special intentions through Saint Paul’s intercession. Below is just the beginning of the Triduum, but I encourage you to pray it in its entirety: it will only take a few minutes:

I am praying this Triduum for the intentions of  Catholic communicators, and for other communicators of good will, and that we will communicate the beauty of the truth in a compelling way that will touch people’s hearts and change people’s lives. Please feel free to post your intentions below, or email them to me.

Full first day of Triduum:





4 thoughts on “Join us in three days of Pauline prayer

  1. Hi Sister Marie Paul,

    I hope your doing well – I sent you an email a while ago just to say hi.

    Can you include me in your prayers? Thanks so much! 🙂



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