A Little of This and a Little of That

The past several weeks have been “a little of this, a little of that,” so much so that I’m starting to feel a bit anxious to get back to my larger writing projects. But these days, I’ve strenuously tried to finish off many little pieces of projects. I’m afraid this post will reflect my scattered mindset, with “a little of this, a little of that.” Hopefully next week I can post more about how my bigger project(s) are going forward!

Sister Mary Lea and I have been doing a bit of preparation for promoting our Saints Alive! books in a special way this November. We even got in front of a video camera and joked around a bit…and this is the hopefully not-too-embarrassing result that will soon go up on the books’ new landing page:

Several children’s book authors of Pauline Books & Media have gotten together to do a “Back to School” Blog Tour. Britt Leigh, Nicole Lataif, and Marilee Haynes are all wonderful women and gifted writers. I really enjoyed checking out their blog posts! You can find the entire list here at: http://www.pauline.org/blog/ArticleID/1531/Back-to-School-Blog-Tour-Highlights-Catholic-Childrens-Literature

And…just for fun: Our sisters here in the USA and Canada have always had a special connection with our Sisters in Singapore, sharing projects and formation (several of our sisters from Singapore made their novitiate here in Boston). Now, they are raising funds to build a new convent.

This is their request for help:

And this is just a fun line-dancing video:


One thought on “A Little of This and a Little of That

  1. Hello Sr Marie fsp. I guess my idea of starting my own blog, is just that ,, an idea. We all want to be heard and somehow impact another persons life. There’s a million x million blogs. Do you know how many zeros that would be? Anyway, i keep the idea turning in my head, but realistiically who would care to read it. I know one thing that would motivate someone to read it is laughter. If a person can laugh then they’ve got something out of it. Not everyone can make other’s laugh.. Everybody knows that one person in their life that is just naturallly funny. Wow to have a friend like that is priceless. I kinda can make my friend Chris laugh,,,, but not sure if it’s just him or am I actually being funny. But on occasion i even can make myself laugh.. Lol,, like just now almost a chuckle,,, but i did smile.


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