Family Theme for 2015 World Communications Day


A helpful resource to renewing the vocation of the family to love and holiness!

This week, the Pontifical Council for Social Communications has released the theme for 2015’s World Communications Day: Communicating the family: a privileged place of encounter with the gift of love. 

Of course, this theme fits right into the two Synods on the family (the first starting on Sunday, and the next in 2015). You can visit the Vatican’s Information Service website for a complete report on the statement, but here is quote that beautifully explains more about the chosen theme:
“Today, how can we tell people who are perhaps wounded and disillusioned that love between a man and a woman is a good thing? How can we help children know that they are a most precious gift? How can we warm the hearts of people, especially those who are wounded and disappointed, and help them rediscover the beauty of love? How can we show that the family is the privileged place where we experience the beauty of life, the joy and the gift of love, the consolation of forgiveness offered and received, and the encounter with the other?  Today the Church must learn again how to show that the family is a great gift, something good and beautiful.”
For me, this is a direct call from the Church to us–whether we are Catholic communicators or simply people of good will who seek to uplift humanity through our communication. This call to us as communicators is to give special focus in the media that we create to family life. We are being invited to help people–perhaps first of all ourselves–to treasure  family as a great gift, and to nurture the relationships where we first received the gifts of life and love.
For the past two months, I’ve been blessed to be able to help put together a digital magazine precisely on the theme of family, in order to reflect on and celebrate the Extraordinary Synod of the Family which begins on Sunday, Oct. 5th. Entitled Lasting Love: Growing Together As a Family, this small, 16-page digital magazine seeks to do exactly what the Pontifical Council’s message invites us to do. You can find it at

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