A Writer’s Magnificat

Image - Version 2Even though I’m now in the USA, today in my heart I am celebrating Thanksgiving Day with my sisters in Toronto and the people of Canada.

The past week has not been easy, and I lost my writing focus. Yesterday I was startled into a new awareness of how tenderly the Lord is with me in these challenging days. I even regained enough focus to write. So today, on Canada’s Thanksgiving Day, I want to thank God in a special way for the gift of his presence in my life, and for calling me to write, by re-posting A Writer’s Magnificat. 

A Writer’s Magnificat

My whole being glorifies the greatness of our creative God;

my spirit rejoices in the Holy One

who saves me, guides me, inspires me.

For God delights in me when I write,

and favors my creative efforts, little as they are,

so that they bear fruit.

The Almighty blesses me with the call to write,

showering me with the gifts

of inspiration, wordsmithing, imagination,

and the desire to always seek and speak the truth in love.

From now on, I will never stop praising God’s goodness

in my life and in my words.

The Almighty has surprised me by doing great things:

God invites me to share in a small way

in His own life-giving creativity

by naming, forming, and sharing insight into His creation!


The merciful Lord works in those who trust Him

even when the page is blank,

inspiration lacking,

resistance plentiful,

and every word an anxious strain.

He grants me the strength to persevere,

calls me to listen,

and admonishes me when I become puffed up with my own pride.

But when I acknowledge my insufficiency,

surrender to His inspiration,

and trust His never-failing help,

He lifts me up,

filling me with ideas, insight, compassion,

and the joy of serving God and humanity.

He fulfills His promise of faithful love,

allaying my fears,

with me always.

Glory to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever.  Amen.



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