“P.S. Please write more books”

Gospel-Time-Trekkers-Best-Selling-Series-by-Pauline-Author-Sr-Maria-Grace (1)That is the response of the self-proclaimed “biggest fan” of Sr. Maria Grace Dateno’s Gospel Time Trekker series. Isn’t that the response we all want when we write?

Here is Sr. Maria Grace as she’s re-reading the letter on video. (She is doing this for our fundraising webathon. (You can help our sisters’ mission of communicating Christ with the media–including great Catholic stories for kids–by visiting our webathon!)

Visit our webathon and take part in the New Evangelization with your prayers, offerings, and support for our Pauline mission!

Sr. Maria Grace has done an amazing job writing an exciting series for kids that they not only enjoy tremendously…but also discover more about Jesus in each book. (I can say that because I’ve read most of the series–4 out of 6 books.) This banner captures Sr. Maria Grace and our mission so well!



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