Responding to the Spiritual Hunger of the World

Everyone knows that great good that St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s Missionaries of Charity do with the poor. As Daughters of Saint Paul, we try to respond to the spiritual hunger of the world: the hunger for love, for peace, for joy, for Christ. So many people are anxious, discouraged, or hurting. They’re spiritually desperate for Christ, but they don’t know that Christ is the one Answer to all their problems and questions. 

As writers and communicators, we are called to raise the questions and/or share the insights that we have received on our spiritual journeys with the Lord. Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP, is the newest author among the Daughters of Saint Paul, and she has come out with a beautiful new book based on her own personal experience of being led back to the Church. She didn’t just fall away from the Church, but considered herself an atheist for almost 10 years. Sr. Theresa Aletheia shares a bit about her book and about our mission here:

Our webathon ends November 2nd. Help us to share the joy of the Gospel by visiting our annual webathon fundraiser at: 


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