The Most Important Thing I Can Do as a Communicator

Ancilla kneelingTwo wonderful communicators for Christ are graciously supporting our webathon: Father James Martin, SJ, and Roma Downey, who produced the Son of God film and The Bible Mini-Series (and is currently producing a cinematic version of the Acts of the Apostles.) It’s deeply touching for me when people appreciate our mission and collaborate with us and support us.

I think what touches me most about both videos is that they seem to realize that the most important thing that we do as Daughters of Saint Paul is to pray. Our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, claimed that we could become holy by becoming apostolic contemplatives, and contemplatives in action. In truth, our Pauline spirituality is an apostolic mysticism–which is a phrase that I have been unpacking for the past 20 years, and will probably continue to unpack for the rest of my life. (It’s the heart of communications spirituality, and I’ll continue unpacking it here on this blog.) But there are certain things that, as long as I’ve been a sister, I’ve always known it means:

1) Prayer has first priority in my life

2) The apostolic work that I do–whether writing, phone calls, radio interviews, or fixing a broken link on a website–is useless without prayer. Whatever I do is the Lord’s work, not mine

3) My prayer is not for myself, but for all of those whom we Daughters of Saint Paul reach out to in our daily encounters, whether in person or through the media. Also in a very special way, we pray daily for all those who are media producers: writers, technicians, printers, videographers, editors, broadcasters, DJs, designers, artists, marketers… And it’s a real joy to pray for you, to share in your joys and challenges, and to join with you in your intentions.

So please feel free to send in your prayer intentions–to me, and I will pray for you particularly. And if you send them into the webathon, all of the sisters will join in praying for you and for your intentions.

God bless you.




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