Kicking off new discernment blog-to-book tomorrow!

CoAuthorBannerOriginalOn Tuesday, November 25th, I’m kicking off the new blog-to-book: CoAuthor Your Life with GodThis blog is a joint collaboration between two departments within the Pauline Books & Media publishing house to celebrate the Year of Consecrated Life, which runs from the First Sunday of Advent, the weekend of November 29th, to February 2, 2016, the World Day of Consecrated Life. Our goal in creating a new blog (and eventually a book, God willing!) is to support anyone interested in growing in the spiritual art of discernment–in other words, letting the Holy Spirit take the lead in our lives! In a special way for this YCL (Year of Consecrated Life), we want to support those who are discerning their vocations to religious life. 

At the new, those who are discerning will be able to find resources to help them grow in the spiritual art of discernment, have their questions answered, and even learn about discernment from some mainstream movies!

DiscernItCroppedAdIn addition to, the Pauline Sisters are also releasing a free app for discernment for both iPhones and Android phones. The new Discern It! App encourages young people to pray about all the states in life, including religious life, as part of their vocational discernment, and to take a step forward during in trusting the Lord during the Novena, as they continue to discern God’s will for their lives. The Discern It! App also has some lovely audio reflections on how to discern by Sr. Margaret Michael Gillis.

2 thoughts on “Kicking off new discernment blog-to-book tomorrow!

    • Dear Andi,
      Thanks for posting here! All of us need to grow in the apiritual art of discernment–including those of us discerning a “late” or “new” vocation. (I prefer the word “new”!)

      Definitely check out my discernment blog: Co-Author Your Life with God–it’s just launching but will have all kinds of encouragement and suggestions for discerning. In the meantime, I would think someone who is discerning their vocation late in life would spend a bit of time praying about how God has called them in the past…to shed light on how God is calling them now. Our vocational awareness grows out of our relationship with God…so looking at our relationship with God throughout our life, and the “calls” or mission that we have felt God has called us to up till now will help us understand God’s call to us now. Does that make sense?

      I haven’t written this part of the blog/book yet, but I will eventually write something about how God is consistent in his relationship with us. Not that God never surprises us; there are definitely twists and turns in his relationship with us, but there’s also a foundation of how GOd communicates his love to us that doesn’t change but grows and deepens.

      I hope this is helpful, and I’ll be praying for you in a very special way, Andi, as you continue to discern. I’d love to hear more of your questions and comments about discernment on Co-Author Your Life with God. God bless!


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