Seeing a Movie for Valentine’s Day?

LoveisOldFashionedIf you’re planning to see a movie for Valentine’s Day tonight or this weekend, I encourage you to pick one that doesn’t involve the color gray but represents the true color spectrum that God intends for us.

In theaters right now, Old Fashioned is an independent romantic comedy that doesn’t get everything right, but has some intriguing character development and a strong ending. Above all, it explores what true romantic love can look like in the context of today’s society of wounded young adults. For a fuller commentary, visit the Blog.  If you are interested in an eclectic collection of worthwhile romantic films, look no further than the list of  Theology of the Body ‘s popular expert speaker, Sr. Helena Burns, fsp: Show Me Real Love: Romantic Movies Worth Watching.

And if you can, say some extra prayers this weekend: pray in reparation for those who have produced, promoted, or are going to see the gray film that objectifies women and glamorizes abuse; pray for the healing of the minds and hearts of those who watch it, and pray also for those who have or are suffering from an abusive relationship, that they will have the courage and wisdom to seek the help that they need to stay safe.


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