Resources on the Identity of the Catholic Communicator

A few articles I’ve run into lately have helped me to reflect further on the challenges we face as Catholic communicators in today’s world: as artist, artisan, evangelizer, apostle, communicator of Christ, entrepreneur. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

The Death of the Artist and Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur by William Deresiewicz, posted on the Atlantic’s website, is a thought-provoking article about how the role of the artist has radically changed again in our society…and may now be disappearing. It traces the development of the role of the artist in society, but my favorite part is the author’s perspective on how artists today are being challenged to go wide and not deep, to be entrepreneurs rather than artists. His perspective is either/or; I’m not certain that it needs to be so black and white. Nonetheless, if you have felt challenged as a writer or artist to promote your own work, you will greatly appreciate this article as I did.

I found the article as part of the invitation to the next Thought/Bar Series, presented by the LAFSC in Los Angeles on March 23. If I lived in Los Angeles, I would attend because it looks so intriguing: Risk and Courage: the Filmmaker as Artist and Creative Entrepreneur (RSVP required.)

Another interesting article is by’s Lisa Hendey, The Blogosphere as Mission Field: Catholic Women on the Web Transform What Women’s Leadership Means. Lisa explores how she has experienced the “feminine genius” first highlighted by St. John Paul II in the work of several women who are dedicated to the New Evangelization.

Finally, all kinds of lovely resources for Lent have been made available online. One of my favorites is the series of youtube videos put together by my own community for each week of Lent. They combine just a few prayerful lines with religious images that help us reflect on and concretize the week’s spiritual step on the Lenten journey. Here is the video from week 5, available at

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