Gathering Prayers via Social Media

6004-2On her Patheos blog, Pursued by Truth,  Daughter of Saint Paul and author Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP, is asking us to send in the names of loved ones who have left the Church, and to join her in prayer for the names she has and will gather–those who have left the Church–as a special intention to pray for during Holy Week. What a wonderful way to use her blog and social media–to gather the names of people to pray for, and to gather a community of pray-ers!

Visit her blogpost here to send in names, and join us in praying for all those who do not have the joy of believing in a loving God and the saving, healing love of Christ.

In Saturday’s Discover Hope News Notes, I wrote a short article, Three Ways To Make Holy Week Truly Holy. While Holy Week is often one of my favorite weeks of the year, occasionally I find it a bit overwhelming. (We live Holy Week quite intensely in the convent!) This article offers tips for living a true “Holy Week” when it might be harder than usual.

For another practical and inspiring reflection on Holy Week, you may want to check on Sr. Mary Lea’s take on her blog, Crabby Mystic.



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