Awesome #MediaApostle Documentary Releasing Today


Today my favorite film of 2015 releases: the long-awaited documentary: Media Apostle: The Father James Alberione Story.

Media Apostle will always hold a special place in my heart because it captures so well the engima of the media saint and founder of the Daughters of St. Paul, Blessed James Alberione. If you are looking for a spirituality that can nurture you in our media world, you will definitely want to see this film! If you know nothing about Alberione, watch the 50-minute version. If you know the outline of his life, watch the Director’s Cut, which is an intriguing 90 minutes!

I’ll post more about the film on Monday–how fun it was to work on it, the new insights about media spirituality that I received while reading the script and consulting on the various “cuts” of the film–but I didn’t want to wait to get the word out! You can visit MediaApostle to find out more about Bl. James Alberione, or to rent or buy the film.


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