Three Things That Brighten the Tedium of Computer Troubles

Version 2

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This week, I thought I’d have my post up early because I’d half-written it in my head…and well, it’s only three days late!

Last week I realized that I had to address my MacBook Pro’s spinning beach ball issues. (For those not immersed in computerese, that means my computer keeps freezing up.) Unfortunately, despite a completely clean install of Yosemite, I’m still dealing with many beach balls. Which I wouldn’t mind, except it’s keeping me from other wonderful things, like blogging here, finishing off our next audio book project, etc.

Here are a couple of little discoveries that have brightened my re-installing tedium:

The Daughters of Saint Paul with Wally at their soundcheck before singing at Fenway!

The Daughters of Saint Paul with Wally at their soundcheck before singing at Fenway!

This Sunday, our very own #SingingSisters, the Daughters of Saint Paul Choir, sang “God Bless America” at Fenway Park during the seventh-inning stretch. It was an awesome tribute to God’s goodness and beauty…and people were deeply moved. You can see a replay online here at the Major League Baseball Site.

HipsterCatholicMusicTheCatholicHipster (#HipsterCatholicMusic) is running a really fun contest to see who wins the vote for “the champion of the Hipster Catholic music scene.” All of the nominees are fantastic artists who bring lovely, uplifting and truly Catholic music to the public…and we feel honored that our Daughters of Saint Paul Choir is among them as the fifth nominee! (You probably can’t guess who I voted for.) So go and voteevery one of them deserves to win!

A new blogger who writes about writing and spirituality has come to my attention recently: Ed Cyzewski who blogs at  From his recent posts, Ed and I seem to be quite a bit like-minded in our approach to the interplay between the spiritual life and writing. About 10 days ago he wrote a compelling article that I really enjoyed, titled, “Am I Just A List of Books?” This is a great question for a writer, and Ed handles it in a way that prompted me to further reflection. I hope to be able to read his book, Pray, Write, Grow, and maybe provide a review here in the future.


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