“Catch-Up”: Interview on Soul of Christ book & newest Lenten online retreat for the #YearofMercy!

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for me, helping to “launch” 7 Qualities of Mercy: Become a More Merciful You online mini-retreat. As Reconciled to You’s Allison Gingras points out in her creative blogpost, making 7 Qualities of Mercy your Lenten Retreat this year is a powerful way to use social media to open you up to God’s presence in your real and online lives. (See her wonderful blogpost, Please Don’t Give Up Social Media for Lent!) 

Here’s a blurb about the retreat, which I had a hand in developing, and many of our sisters and wonderful lay collaborators wrote for (including Allison Gingras).


I’ll be making this retreat starting Ash Wednesday, and I might be blogging a bit about what are the pros and cons of making an online retreat?

This week, I also had the joy of speaking about my book, Soul of Christ: Meditations on a Timeless Prayer, on Breadbox Media on the show, “A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras.” Allison is a good friend and a lovely, easy-to-talk-to host. Surprisingly, this show was our first opportunity to really talk about my book, Soul of Christ, so it’s quite conversational and filled with each of our experiences–with the Anima Christi prayer and with Eucharistic adoration. Last year, several sisters in my community used Soul of Christ for Lenten reading, and when I asked for feedback, they told me it was a really good fit for Lent, so the interview is timely. You can listen in to the podcast online or download it here.

CWCOiconFinally, I just had to mention a fantastic opportunity that’s coming up: the Catholic Writers Guild is offering their annual Catholic Writers Conference Online from March 4-6, 2016. The cost is reasonable, and the workshops in the past have been really valuable. You need to register by February 27th. Hope to “see you” there!

I’m about a month away from completing the rough draft of my book, which I’m also blogging at www.CoAuthorYourLifewithGod.com. Once the rough draft is complete, and barring a few weeks of travel in May, I am eager to get back to blogging here weekly. Thanks for your patience with me as I’ve unsuccessfully juggled a few too many weekly commitments!


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