Risen DVD Winners!

The three winners of the RISEN DVD Rafflecopter Giveaway were contacted via email on Saturday and should receive their DVD today or tomorrow!

  1. Jeriks from NY
  2. Kristina from NY
  3. and Diane from PA!

Congratulations to our three winners! And thank you to everyone who took part. Even if you didn’t win, if you signed up for our Discover Hope Newsletter, you received a 20% off coupon for your next visit to our Pauline webstore. (You can still sign up here for the newsletter and receive your coupon!)

The giveaway had over 200 entries, so I definitely consider it a success, thanks to you! I’ll be holding another one soon. If you’d like to send me any feedback about your experience of the giveaway, please feel free to do so in the comments or via email. 

* * *

Here is another “free” treasure for anyone who enjoys praying with sacred art (divina visio). (Years ago I first became familiar with praying with sacred heart through the wonderful art books of Sr. Wendy Beckett.) Now, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has made available in pdf format a huge library of their published but now out-of-print editions on art! What a resource for those who enjoy great art…and especially for those of us who like to pray with sacred art.

I’ll be praying with this image tomorrow for the Feast of the Sacred Heart! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating God’s love for you.


The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio – Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons



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