Upcoming Conference for Catholic Writers in Chicago area

CWCO_live_smThe Catholic Writers Guild is holding their Catholic Writers Live Conference once again in conjunction with the Catholic Marketing Network Conference, in the Chicago area. Here are the quick facts:

WHEN: July 26-July 29, 2016

WHERE: The Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center and Hotel,1551 N. Thoreau Drive, Schaumburg, IL 60173

LINKED TO: The Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show.

THEME: Openness to God’s Will

How can we know what God wants us to do with our careers, how can we follow him best with our talents? Our conference allows you to connect personally with Catholic publishers and retailers, learn more about the art, show your work, learn the craft, and network. Registration is very reasonable, and it’s already open at this link.

I wish I could go–it looks like it will be a fantastic event for writers! Check out the presenters,  schedule, and pitch sessions. 


And don’t forget about the upcoming Clay Pots Retreat for Catholic media professionals in October at our St. Thecla’s Retreat House in Billerica, MA:




2 thoughts on “Upcoming Conference for Catholic Writers in Chicago area

  1. I am sending up prayers for the success of this conference, and all of the participants. I am not a writer myself, but work in a library. We really need a Catholic voice in fiction for every age group.


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