#SeeSilenceFriday – Movie Tickets Giveaway!

Happy 2017! I have missed blogging so much over the past month…I have a lot to catch up on. Thank you so much for coming back to the blog, despite my unexpected disappearance!

My first few posts will be brief, as there is a lot I just want to get out there. The first is a free giveaway today only for tickets to the movie Silence for tomorrow. Silence is a story about the persecution of Christians in Japan in the 16th century, based on the novel by Shusako Endo.

Silence has received a number of very differing reviews from Catholic reviewers…I am still writing mine. But I will say that Martin Scorsese has made a faithful and moving depiction of the novel, of the Japanese martyrs, of doubt and faith, as well as a powerful reflection on the importance of religious freedom that offers insights for today. It has also been nominated for an Oscar in Cinematography, although I believe that it deserved a couple more nominations as well.

Visit: www.screenbrew.com for your chance to win a ticket–out of the one thousand tickets they are giving away! #SeeSilenceFriday



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