Signis World Congress 2017 – Awesome Experience for Catholic Communicators

Greetings from Quebec City and the Signis World Congress  It has been a long time since I blogged, and I’m hoping I can chronicle a few highlights of my experience to share with you. 

Signis is the Vatican-approved association of  Catholic media professionals and creatives, and is celebrating its 90th anniversary. The Congress started this morning with a beautiful opening prayer prepared by Signis members from countries in the Pacific! Over 100 countries are represented at the congress–a wonderful experience of universality and unity.

Yesterday morning, a thought-provoking presentation and dialogue about spirituality in today’s culture, focusing on the significant experiences of spirituality among people today, with special consideration for those who don’t consider themselves affiliated with any religion, or only somewhat affiliated with a particular religion. The question that was left with us was finding ways to “be Church” in today’s culture, integrating the “real” with the “virtual,” fostering meaningful spiritual experiences in the lives of all–from the committed Catholic, to the occasional Catholic, to those who do not identify as Catholic, and those who do not identify as affiliated with any religion.
My favorite moment of the day so far has been the opportunity to meet and thank Sr. Norma Pimental, MJ, who is doing such wonderful work with migrant children at the Mexican-Texan border.  As Executive  Director of Catholic Charities in Rio Grande, Texas, she joined us at Signis to share her experience of the ways she was able to rally the Church and society to respond to the needs of the thousands of children crossing the border.  


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