The Movie To See This Year!

I have always dreamed about writing a full feature film about my favorite saint. So I was prepared for disappointment when I had the opportunity to screen an early version of the soon-to-be released in theaters Paul the Apostle. 

The movie was not what I expected. But I wasn’t disappointed, not a bit!

Here is a list of reasons to watch this film:

  1. You love Saint Paul. (This film is a moving portrayal of the complex, deeply human Pharisee whose life was transformed by his relationship with Christ into Christ’s greatest apostle.)
  2. You don’t like Saint Paul. (Discover an appreciation for why this complex, deeply human, flawed, and grace-filled saint is so great.)
  3. Enter into the drama of the early Church in Rome as it faced the first concentrated persecution.
  4. Deepen your appreciation of Scripture: hear some of the most beloved phrases from Saint Paul’s letters in the context of real-life struggles. The script is entirely faithful to Scripture.
  5. Great acting from both James Faulkner and Jim Cavaziel.
  6. Support a truly Catholic film and Catholic filmmakers who are making strong films, so that they can make more Catholic films. (And the buzz is that odbfilms is starting to look towards their next film!)
  7. Paul the Apostle is a deeply spiritual and religious film, but NOT preachy!
  8. If you haven’t decided what to do for Lent yet, or you want to deepen your Lenten practice in a significant way. (If any saint could be the “patron of Lent,” it would be Saint Paul, whose letters are filled with references to “dying and rising” with Christ.) This movie can frame your Lent and Easter. Use the resources offered by the filmmakers and the American Bible Society to look at significant passages in Saint Paul; and then, at the high point of Lent during Holy Week, or on Easter, go to see the film in the theaters!
  9. The filmmakers competently give us a real sense of Saint Paul, whose life and writings have a vast scope that defies a biopic. (And they do it in less than two hours!)
  10. It’s well worth seeing, from a faith perspective, an artistic perspective, and a film lover’s perspective. (Plus, I’m going to keep talking about this film, so you’ll just have to see it to know what I’m talking about.)
  11. One last reason for writers! If you are a writer, you will love some of the lines in this film!
  12. Paul the Apostle is releasing in at least 35 countries on March 28 (at this date), including Canada.

I could go on, but I’ll stop here.


Jim Cavaziel recently about his life of faith in the context of the themes of the film, Paul the Apostle. His is a powerful witness of faith for today’s followers of Christ!

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