Instant Family Film Commentary: Delightful Summer Flick

On this week’s Salt + Light Radio Hour, I spoke about the 2018 film Mary Magdalene (which is releasing here in the US in 2019–supposedly to DVD in September), and also about a little family comedy that would be a fun watch for the summer with a family with teenagers.

Based on a real family, Instant Family is a feel-good pro-family comedy about a couple with no children who very unexpectedly decide to adopt. Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne are truly lovable as the clueless, sometimes self-centered parents-to-be who eventually step up to the plate to become loving parents. Great acting, also on the part of the children actors, contributes to the pathos and humor of a film about what could be such a sensitive subject: adopting a child.

With some sexual innuendo and one of the crises in their new family about a teenage girl taking nude photos of herself for a potential boyfriend, the movie really deserves its PG-13 rating. Yet the troublesome situation is handled well, and overall, the movie promotes a positive view of family and a lighthearted glimpse into the joys, sacrifices, and fulfillment of becoming a parent. Instant Family is an entertaining and worthwhile summer flick for adults and teens that offers a bit more depth, highlighting the beauty, challenges, and fulfillment that can come when adopting a child.

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