2016 Fall Films with Themes of Faith & Care for Creation

NOTE: I’m posting this early (instead of this coming Monday) because I forgot to post it earlier, and showings of these films may not last. 

A few movies with themes of faith have come to theaters last month and are releasing in theaters this month. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to screen any of them in advance, I thought I’d at least help get the word out about them here–along with any reviews that I’ve seen that are worthwhile.


Priceless is a film about human trafficking, made by Christian filmmakers. It opened in theaters October 14th, and has had limited showings. I wish I’d been able to go, but as far as I know, the closest showing is over an hour away. Here is a review that I appreciated from Christopher Close-up on Patheos.



New Life looks like a promising relationship film that opened on Oct. 28th. Unfortunately, it’s  showing in even fewer  places, but if you live near these theaters listed below, you might want to check it out here on the movie’s website. A thoughtful review–though not from a Christian perspective, but a parenting perspective–is offered here on Common Sense Media.





Some people are saying that Hacksaw Ridge is Mel Gibson’s “comeback” movie. I did not get to go to an early screening, so I’ll be looking for it after November 4, when it releases in theaters. Hacksaw Ridge is the story of Desmond Doss, an unlikely hero of WWII because he was a pacifist due to his Christian faith. Newspapers–including Catholic papers–will be filled with reviews of the film this week.



Because of its limited release on October 21, you may not have even heard of overtly Christian film, I’m Not Ashamed, about Rachel Joy Scott, the first student murdered at the Columbine High School shooting.  Here is one thoughtful review. You can find a list of theaters showing the film here.


And lately, a number of programs have come to my attention that develop themes of Pope Francis’ Encyclical on God’s creation, Laudato Si.


Salt + Light TV developed Creation, a six-part series on the themes of Laudato Si. Salt + Light provides additional resources and a downloadable study guide for every episode. I still haven’t seen them all, but I highly recommend them.



National Geographic channel broadcast Before the Flood on October 21, in which Leonardo DiCaprio travels the world speaking to scientists and world leaders about the dramatic effects of climate change. Before the Flood is also streaming online this week in multiple platforms–free on National Geographic and Youtube. Sr. Rose Pacatte reviews the documentary by Fisher Stevens here on her blog.

Sr. Rose Pacatte also reviews the first episode of season 2 of  Years of Living Dangerously, a National Geographic series on the environment.


Catholic Relief Services has almost finished creating a seven-part series in which each brief part (3-5 minutes) introduces one of the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching.  They have completed five episodes so far (including episode 2 on Care for God’s Creation), and I’ve posted episode 1 above.

Family- and Faith-Affirming Films

GimmeShelterPerseveranceZenit has just published their interview here with the founder of Several Shelters founder Kathy DiFiore, who is a main character in the true-to-life film, Gimme Shelter. Several Shelters’ website has many pro-life resources for mothers with unexpected pregnancies at www.lifecall.org.

If you can, go to see Gimme Shelter this week-end!

I’ve also received invitations to screen two new upcoming family- and/or faith-friendly films, comedy Moms’ Night Out (releasing April 9), starring Patricia Heaton and Sean Astin, and Heaven Is for Real (releasing for Easter). I’ll post reviews,  but just to give you something to look forward to: