Insights into Film Spotlight with Salt+Light Radio

spotlight (1)This week on the Salt + Light Radio Hour (April 23, 2016), Deacon Pedro and I talk about the movie Spotlight, which won the Oscar for Best Picture this year. Spotlight is the story of how an investigative team of reporters at the Boston Globe uncovered and reported the Catholic clergy sexual abuse scandal in the Archdiocese of Boston and then throughout the United States. I grew up in the Boston Archdiocese and have spent much of my life missioned here, including when the Boston Globe’s stories were running, so I went to the first possible screening that I could.

My full review: Spotlight: An Intense and Powerful Film.

Spotlight is not an easy film to watch because of its subject matter. Rather than take an easy, superficial approach of sensationalism or discrimination, the filmmakers simply allow the reporters’ investigation to unfold onscreen, allowing the moments of suffering, scandal, and truth-telling to resound in the souls of the audience. The film is not perfect, but it is more than just well-crafted; it is a respectful attempt to capture the complexity, drama, and immense impact that the sexual abuse had on the lives of individuals and on the Church. You can find my full review–along with a wonderful reflection from Father Ron Rolheiser on how we as Catholics can best respond to scandal–here.

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