Upcoming Retreat in Los Angeles!

Thank you for your patience with me as I return from my trip to Illinois and catch up with a few urgent projects. For the beginning of the New Year, I will be in Los Angeles for meetings with our sisters, and I am taking that opportunity to offer a retreat day at our Pauline Book & Media Center in Culver City, CA, on Saturday, January 7th. Retreat will be followed by Mass at our chapel at 4 PM.

A day of retreat is a wonderful way to “start the New Year right,” to rejoice in the gift of God’s love and to allow his love to transform us so that we can once again align our will with God’s will. If you live in the Los Angeles area, I hope you can join us!


Dabbling in online video

One of the most exciting things we do as Daughters of Saint Paul is constantly learn and engage with new technology. Here is my first effort to talk about my new book online–to explain what it is and who it’s for. There are all kinds of mistakes…and unfortunately I am in front of the camera, instead of behind it. But it was still fun to make, especially with the lovely MacBook Pro at my disposal, and I think it captures a little bit of the book for those who won’t have a chance to meet me. So, here’s the long version:

and here’s the short version: