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Sr. Marie Paul Curley, FSP is a member of the Daughters of Saint Paul, an amazing group of women who enthusiastically commit their energies to communicating the love of Christ worldwide through every form of media and every aspect of their lives. Sister is also a writer who daily embraces the challenge of inspiring others through her creative efforts…even when she doesn’t feel inspired. Her passions include: contemplating the Eucharistic Master, Way, Truth, and Life; the writings of Saint Paul; exploring the connection between faith and art, especially Story; screenwriting; the spirituality of Blessed James Alberione; imitating Christ the perfect Communicator in her life and in her writing.

Sr. Marie Paul currently serves as a writer for Pauline Books & Media, specializing in digital content. Her interests include: feature screenwriting, movies, tennis, nature (especially bird-watching), narrative theology, and books of all kinds. (For more of her favorites, visit her blog profile.)



  • One-on-one evangelization (through door-to-door and event evangelization and assisting as a pastoral associate in Pauline Books & Media Centers in Boston, New York, Chicago, Texas, and Toronto)
  • Published author with Pauline Books & Media
  • Regional vocation director for Daughters of Saint Paul throughout Canada
  • Producer and screenwriter for numerous Catholic cable TV and home video programs
  • Juror at film festivals and screenwriting contests; occasional consultant for scripts, films, and novels with a religious aspect
  • Monthly film commentator on Salt + Light Radio
  • Speaker (& retreat guide) on Catholic spirituality, with emphasis on the Eucharist, prayer, God’s love, Saint Paul, Pauline spirituality, communications spirituality, and the writing life.
  • Studied at the outstanding screenwriting Act One Program for Christian writers
  • Certificate in Media Literacy from the Pauline Center for Media Studies
  • Degree in communications, speech & theater arts from Emmanuel College


More About Sr. Marie Paul:

  • Been a sister for: over 25 years
  • Belongs to: the Daughters of Saint Paul, a Roman Catholic community of sisters who seek to communicate the love of Christ in their lives and through the media
  • Currently writing: a book about discernment
  • Published: see her books in print here
  • Blogs: and
  • Most popular workshops and retreats are here (coming soon)


Affiliated with:

The Daughters of Saint Paul and

Signis. Member since 1997. Signis is the Vatican-approved association for Catholic communicators

Catholic Writers Guild

Graduate of Emmanuel College (BA in Communications/Speech/Theatre)


My Favorite…

Book: the Bible

Saints & future saints: Paul the Apostle, James Alberione, Therese of Lisieux, Margaret Mary Alacoque, Pope John Paul II, Noel Chabanel, Thecla Merlo, Fulton Sheen, Matteo Ricci, Oscar Romero…and many more!

Book besides the Bible: Christian Imagination edited by Leland Ryken

Film: Schindler’s List

Film about a saint: Man for All Seasons

Literary genre: fantasy (with science fiction as a runner-up)

Novel: Middlemarch

Fantasy: Lord of the Rings

Current fantasy author: Brandon Sanderson

Children’s author: Madeleine L’Engle

Superhero: Superman

Superhero film: Spiderman II

Music: film soundtracks & Beethoven


10 thoughts on “My Profile

  1. Dear Teresa (Aka Sr. Marie Paul):
    I just saw your “Windows to the Soul” Blog!
    It’s terrific!!!
    I’ll have to visit more often …. and later! (I’m at work right now!)
    Sr. Theresa Ann (Aka Sr. Terry Jardin, CSJ)


    • Hi there! I’m so glad you “found” me. I’ve been offline a few weeks, so I didn’t realize I had comments waiting. How are you? I hope Eileen reconnected with you? She didn’t answer my last email…I owe her a phone call. Have a great day, and keep up the great work you’re doing.


  2. We’ve been missing you at the monthly film nights at the St. Paul Centre on Dufferin Street. It just isn’t the same without you! You had a special way of letting us discover for ourselves what the movie was saying at a spiritual level, allowing it to be individual for each one of us…

    Many blessings on your work, Sister.


    • Dear Allie,

      Thanks for your comments! I emailed you back, but just in case you didn’t receive it, I wanted to let you know that I am co-hosting the movie nights, and am leading several of the upcoming months (including January, where we’re viewing A Time To Kill following the theme of the Fifth Commandment. I would love to see you back with us, sometime!

      God bless you.


  3. Hi S. Mary Paul-I’m a Catholic songwriter, and, after reading your a video producer, wonder if I could send you one or two MP3’s of my songs.
    I want to reach a larger video audience than just audio.
    Please advise-
    Thank you-
    Guy Sudano


    • Guy,
      Thanks for your message. And it’s really good to hear from another Catholic artist.

      I’d love to hear your music, so yes, go ahead and send me one or two. I’m not actually producing anything at the moment–I’m focusing more on writing–but I never know where the Lord may lead me next!

      God bless you.


  4. Hi Sister Marie Paul!!
    Just saw the Pauline trailer for Saints Alive! on youtube – looks like two fantastic books – i love anything having to do with the lives of the saints! 🙂 I was quite excited to see you in it!

    Hope you are well, and hopefully we can catch up soon via email! 🙂
    God bless,


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