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  4. Hi, my name is Jessica I’m 16 in high school and trying deeply to see what God wants from me in life, you know discerning my vocation and all. It’s been so hard. I used to suffer from depression about 2years ago and now it seems like I’ve been falling in and out of this roller coster. Sometimes I don’t know what to do and all I can do is pray. Gods been so good to me lately but I feel like I’m not enough still,, and that’s killing me. Please pray for me..

    I’ve been reading from your app lately and it’s really helped(: ‘see yourself threw God’s eyes’ and It just knows how to put a smile on my face. Thank you, it’s amazing. I know God will be using you as an instrument of his love. Take care and I’ll be praying for you too as well as everyone els reading from your app seeking for a little boost(:


    • Dear Jessica,
      It’s so good to hear that the See Yourself Through God’s Eyes App has been helpful. In the next two months, I’m hoping to podcast at least 1/4th of the book…I’ll try to make sure I post here so that you can find out about it.

      Thank you for your prayers, too! I bet that God is using YOU as an instrument of his love, as well. I know that you have been for me in posting this. Jessica, you will continue to be in my prayers! God bless you.


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