Upcoming Events

For all future upcoming events, please visit my author page’s announcements page. 

Here’s my next upcoming talk/book-signing:


6 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

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  2. I used to visit your site to spend quiet time with God, to meditate and pray. Now your website is so geared to the youth that I am lost with some terms and I can’t find what I need.


    • Mary,
      Recently, I have put up a few more announcements that are “techy” or geared to young people discerning their vocation–which is partly because these are needed, and partly because I don’t always take the time I need to blog. I’ll try to make some more time to blog about the spirituality of communication, which is what this blog is really all about. One of my favorite blogs to read you might also enjoy: http://romans8v29.blogspot.com/
      Thank you for your comments and God bless you!


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